Friday, February 22, 2008

Why the Left and the Right Should be Upset About the NYT Story

The major problem with the New York Times story is that it set out to prove a rumor. Both Democrats and Republicans and any other reasonable thinking human being should expect news sources not to spread unsubstatiated rumors regarding a public person's personal life. While there has been discussions about whether this is liberal media bias, or whether people would have challenged the Times if they attacked a Democrat, the reality is inuendo particularly of a personal nature should not be published about anyone. It's one thing if there is evidence of bad behavior, but when there is only evidence of rumors of bad behavior, and the NYT directly states in its article that proof of an illicit relationship doesn't exist, then publishing said rumor violates even the most basic journalistic standards. People on both sides of the isle should be upset about this type of reporting because even if it wasn't your favorite person targetted today it may be tomorrow, as rumors are easily fabricated and also easy to come by.


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