Monday, February 4, 2008

American Extremism

One of the reasons I am an Independent is because I feel the far edges of the two parties are hurting both their party and their country. The recent attacks on Senator McCain by some conservative talk show hosts have illustrated this point. Ann Coulter in particular has made such over the top statements that she shows how absurdity has afflicted the extremes of both parties. Her remark that Senator McCain, “has no honor” is the clearest example of this. Now, I’ll always defend Ms. Coulter’s right to make outrageous remarks, but ‘no honor’? Really? I’m not going to go down the list of reasons why I think Senator McCain deserves be considered an honorable person, because it’s not necessary. To me this just illustrates how some have lost touch with reality. Whether it is the extreme left implying that General Petraeus is a traitor, or the far right having a melt down over the potential McCain nomination, this is not what your party needs and this is not what your country needs.

One of the reasons I think both Senator McCain and Senator Obama have generated excitement and support has nothing to do with policy. Their policies differ dramatically, but the idea that we can have this debate in a civil manner, and actually put loyalty to ones country above loyalty to ones party is truly exciting to many of us who can’t stomach all this nasty partisanship. I have to believe that I am not the only one who lives in a world that isn’t all red or isn't all blue. If we can have this election in a manner that is respectful to people with all different opinions that could be very healing to a country that has been gripped by bitter partisanship as I don’t believe that represents the true character of America.


Joshua B. Mack said...

I have to disagree with your analysis. It is not that people want to put their country ahead of their party, it is that partisanship has devolved into name calling, bullying, and pointless attacks. I don't know how many times I have heard Rush say that the Republican Party is the party of ideas and that the Democratic Party doesn't want to debate ideas. Then he has the nerve to attack a very moderate Republican as a liberal and expect us to fall in line. The people of this country appreciate and desire a fierce debate over ideas. That type of partisanship is healthy for a democracy. I don't want post partisaship, I want partisanship based on ideas where defeating your opponent requires you to stand on your beliefs. Romney and Hillary are empty souls, they will say anything to get elected. Many are just tired of that kind of politician.

pathickey said...


Well stated and presented!

There is huge gap between true conservatives and the baggy-pants loudmouths of the airwaves and printshops.

These goofs would do well to learn and try and understand the very principles of American Conservatism developed by Russell Kirk - he and Ronald Reagan would be disgusted by their antics.

Jesus, I'm a 19th Ward Chicago Democrat and know more and adhere to conservatice principles than the Albino Mafia - Coulter, Hughie and Terry Jeffrey.

haydee florez said...

I believe that extremism disrupts any debate of ideas. When radio or
TV commentators try to obliterate other people's opinion by using poisonous remarks or commentaries, it shows a clear imposition of their point of view over the rest of the world.
Our Constitution guarantees freedom of speech.and of course that freedom is used and abused by intolerants and extremists in radio
and tv shows; like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

McCain by State said...

My intent wasn't to say that all partisanship has become extremist, just the far edges. These people seem to have lost touch with reality, and I think it has become clear with some of the statements that they have made that it's no longer about principles, it's about belittling anyone who doesn't belong to their in-group.

mike volpe said...

I think a lot of the more vitriolic opposition coming against McCain from people of his own party comes down to nothing but simple and unadulterated ideologues. They hate McCain because he dared to oppose them on core issues. Opposition is one thing but hate is a whole new level.

I agree that both Obama and McCain bring a message of coming together, though I would ask what substance Obama has to realize that message, but that is another story.

I have grown quite sour on the establishment of the Conservatives. They have gone from annoying to down right nasty and bad in my opinion. I have a hard time listening or watching any of them at this point. This political junkie has grown tired of their nonsense...Here is how I wrote about it...