Friday, March 28, 2008

The Service to America Tour

On a blogger call today the McCain campaign announced the upcoming 'Service to America Tour'. It features stops in places, such as McCain field in Mississippi, Anapollis, and Pensacola Florida that were important places in the Senator McCain's life. Senator McCain is re-introducing himself to the American people through a bio tour that enuciates the roll service has played in his life.

Steve Schmidt, from the campaign, also answered several question about issues and the race. In reference to a question asked about Israel and foreign policy, Mr. Schmidt stated that it is unique situation that the the Democrat candidates have ignored the stated intention of the enemy, as the destruction of Israel has been explicitly stated as a goal by extremists. Also the economy came up, as Senator Obama recently stated that he planned to raise taxes only on the wealthy then classified the wealthy as anyone making more than $75,000 a year. Mr. Schmidt explained the burden that would put on middle class families and how tax hikes could devistate the economy. As Senator Obama recently made attacks against Senator McCain's economic policies, Mr. Schmidt noted that there is a detachment between the actions of Senator Obama and his rhetoric, as the style of attacks is classic old school politics, as opposed to the change in political discourse that his speeches promise. He pointed out that Senator McCain has the experience and the history of actually following through on real change that goes beyond rhetoric.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Idea of Obama Versus the Actual Candidate

The problem with the Obama candidacy is that the public doesn’t know much about him. We know he’s an excellent speaker, a charismatic and charming guy; but we don’t know much about him of substance. To his credit his campaign has brilliantly utilized this by featuring change as a theme. The change theme promises something new and different without really having to say what that change is. The question becomes are people going to be satisfied with the promise of change without any real clue to what that change entails.

I have to admit that I’m one of the people that started out simply liking the idea of a President Obama. I love the idea of a non-white and/or non-male president. It promotes the idea that anything is possible and it shows that the country is showing signs of growing up and getting beyond past prejudices. Senator Obama’s message of unity is also very appealing to many of us who are fed up with political divisiveness and bickering. However, there is a lot more to being president than broad concepts. There has been little focus on the who’s, what’s, where’s, why’s, and how’s of change. Understandably some people have been caught up in the grand speeches and broad concepts, but responsible voters need to also consider the policies and experience of a candidate.

The reality is that Senator Obama would have a difficult time being a ‘uniter and not a divider’ because he is so liberal. He’s ranked as the most liberal senator and his positions reflect that. Whether it is health care or taxes, his positions are not ones that engender compromise. In foreign policy, it appears that Democrats have taken to pandering to the far left, and forgotten to listen to the experts. Withdrawal plans put forward have not only been unwise, but functionally impossible. The lack of knowledge and experience in foreign policy matters is problematic. The presidency is not for beginners, and while Senator Obama has tremendous promise, earning ones stripes as president is risky at best as it leaves citizen hoping we won’t need another change candidate.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

McCarnival - McCain Wrap Up

The first McCarnival for McCain ….. from McCainBlogs

Some people are saying they need a reason to vote for McCain. Well, if you are looking for a reason you can find several at Sanity102. Malia writes Give me a reason to vote for McCain, how’s this? She then cites several excellent reasons including his stance on entitlement programs, earmark and pork barrel spending and what I consider the most important reasons, our troops and the Global War on Terror.

If you need an enthusiastic reminder of why you are excited that John McCain will, in all likelihood, be our next Commander in Chief, then you might want to check out Colecurtis The McCain Monitor’s post titled: This Video Clip Never Ceases To Amaze But Inspire Me…He Is Still Here For A Reason. Vicki plays a video that most of us have seen before, but its good to see it again. She reminds us that sometimes we lose sight of the man when we get wrapped up in the politics and oration connected with a campaign. She gives us a reminder of who John McCain, the man, is. ‘Then from out of the crowd you hear a soft but confident voice …. ‘. Go read the rest.
Matt has The ad that is going to win the election. posted at McCainiac. He reminds us of the resistance that Churchill faces when he stood his ground against the Nazis. Its a good reminder of why we need to stand our ground against radical Islamic extremism.

The Marathon Pundit takes a hard look at Obama’s legislative record while he was an Illinois State Senator. In his post Obama’s state legislative record–he got a lot of help provides information on Obama’s starmaker, Emil Jones.

Fausta’s blog has a rather frightening comparison of the man Obama and the man McCain in The Great Non Sequitur. Do you really know who Obama is? What does Obama really offer us as opposed to what he says he offers us? Fausta has some thoughts and facts on that. Its pretty sobering.

The Median Sib gives a passionate and personal argument for why she hopes John McCain is the one who answers that now famous 3 a.m. phone call. In her post Clinton, McCain, Obama: Who do you want for president? she explains why she feels McCain has the integrity, experience, wisdom and courage to deal with whatever is on the other end of that phone call.

Pat at . . . With Both Hands writes a screenplay based on the tete-a-tete between John McCain and a New York Times reporter who apparently was trying to get an angry reaction from McCain. You remember the incident that was played repeatedly as McCain losing his temper. It was a non-starter. Pat plays it out as John McCain Beat the Press or A Man for All Snakes on a Plane

New York for McCain share the McCain profile on 60 Minutes…. Its really is a great profile and well worth watching and sharing with others.

You can find The First 5 of the Top 10 Reasons to be Leary of Barack Obama at the McCain Jewish Coalition of Illinois blog. This article is written from the perspective of why the Jewish community should be leary of Obama. Of course I can think of reasons for most communities to be leery of Obama. The reasons cited by Alan Weisz in this post are certainly applicable to all of us who are Jewish and Christian. Just as Neville Chamberlain believed he could talk to and work with the Nazis, Obama believes he can talk to, reason with and work with the Islamofascists. That naiveté is dangerous for us in the West in particular and for the world as a whole.

Lee Vogler offers us a very passionate and personal post in which he explains What John McCain Means to Me. Lee is a twenty-year-old who describes himself as a political guru (among other things). He uses his blog, Lee Vogler’s Political Points to give us ‘a campaign view from a college eye’. I found his post inspiring. I hope you will go read it.

Christopher Hedges wonders Could McCain Democrats Make The Difference? He relates to us that many Clinton supporters have said they will vote for McCain if Hillary isn’t the democratic nominee and compares them to Reagan democrats.

Still Stacy has a Lolobama for us to enjoy! She’s Still Stacy–Smarter Than The Average Blonde and calls her Lolobama OBAMAVELATION. If you frequent I Can Has Cheezburger? you’ll like this.

Over at 84rules, criticism of the 2005 “Gang of 14″ deal is under the microscope with The Base Is Wrong About The Gang Of 14, with the on-point reminder that if we Republicans lose the White House and don’t get back the Senate, the “nuclear” option will be used against us. (Remember the Coalition of the Chillin’? I was a charter member!)

Army wife (aka “Hooah Wife“) and real-life pal of mine Greta breaks out some video with Reason 7 gazillion to vote for John McCain, which she also posted at Louisiana Conservative. The video is funny, but it’s more realistic than I think the creators intended.

Another good friend, Shannon Nicki (she’s gonna kill me) from The Birthplace of the Process of Illogical Logic, mulls over the “Hussein” question with What’s in a name?, and decides that it’s probably better to just stick with referring to him as the more appropriate B.O. Bonus: Photoshoppy goodness!

Jefferson Poole at Blue Grass, Red State takes a thoughtful look at the Man in the Arena and is struck by its message, saying “the strength exhibited by extraordinary leaders of the past is demonstrated to be a necessity of the present for the health of the future.” He sees a bold and courageous leader as we’ve seen in years past with Teddy Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. That leader is Senator John McCain, and he is the right man for our time.

Economy and health care are two critical issues in this election, says Haydee Florez at America’s Best Choice. We Republicans may not talk about those issues as much as they do on the Left, but we should, as our candidate has the right solutions, which she outlines in her post.

Indiana University student J Will at The Wi11is says John McCain needs an internet video girl for guys like him, like Obama Girl and the others that he showcases in Annihilation Tuesday–a, shall we say, unconventional look at the online campaigns.

Over at Right Wing Nation, Rightwingprof speaks to my inner political wonk with some excellent analysis of polling data in Americans First, Americans Last, Americans Always. If he’s right (and I think he is), we’ll be in good shape in November.

MV08 blogroll-keeper Michael Schuyler of Reality Bytes deconstructs the opposition’s arguments with The Real Deal on the Tanker Deal, an issue that few really understand, while the opposition demagogues it to death. I’m glad he’s explained it, because all I’ve seen is left-wing attacks on McCain thus far. Knowledge is power!

James Carder, who writes at ELECTION 2008: Do We Need Change for the Sake of Change?, left the Republican Party in 2003 but he’s come home for John McCain, as I’m certain others will. James says Don’t Fault John McCain on Iraq - Just Be Thankful That He’s Still Around!, a piece that should appeal strongly to others who are disaffected with the Iraq war. Even though he’s opposed to the war, he understands that since we’re there, we need to finish the job the right way. James, as an independent, has the vote that all the candidates want–and he has chosen John McCain.

Right Wing Squadron’s Boomer asks about The New York Times - Why did they endorse John McCain when they had alleged “dirt” on him? I think that’s a question to which we probably know the real answer, but it’d be nice if there would ever be some honesty from the New York Times. If there were ever doubt that they’re all in for the Democrats, they’ve erased it.

The Old Grey Lady just keeps on trying to find something they can pin on McCain to ruin him. Our good friend, William Teach at The Pirate’s Cove uses a sports analogy to keep score on how the New York Times is doing in their quest to bring McCain down. First they were ‘just wondering’ if McCain had an affair. Then they got to wondering if McCain might not be eligible to run for President since he’d been born out of the country while his parents were serving in the military. Now the Grey Lady Is Just “Wondering” About McCain Getting Cancer Again. The Old Grey Lady keeps playing the same game and keeps losing.

Beth of MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is looking for a new church and is wondering if it matters what they believe and preach there. She says, I’ve found a church! and even though they preach against every thing she believes in that’s okay because she’s not responsible for what they believe. Sounds like twisted logic doesn’t it? Why, yes it does! She goes on to debunk the arguments of the many apologists of the hate-cult church that Barack Obama has chosen to attend for the past twenty years. You know … if it quacks like a duck ….. Go read her post. Its enlightening.

Beth at Blue Star Chronicles says that Obama Could Put an End to Destructive Racial Politics if He Had the Courage. She wonders why he doesn’t show the leadership and courage to speak openly and with conviction to his followers about their insistence that Obama should not be submitted to the same scrutiny as every other politician. That’s not the behavior of a leader. Its certainly not the behavior we expect to see in someone who aspires to be President of the United States.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Man In the Arena

Monday, March 10, 2008

Why is it Always That Guy?

With the late political news breaking today about Elliot Spitzer's involvement in a prostitution ring, I return to a question that I seem to ask myself every few months...Why is it always that guy? Why is it the guy who combated prostitution that gets caught with a hooker? Why is it the guy who preaches moral family values that is caught doing something so remarkably deviant? Why is the guy who decries the 'homosexual lifestyle' that gets caught trying to pick up a guy in the airport men's room? This is one of the reasons people don't trust politicians. It's not that someone makes a mistake and does something wrong that's human, it's that they condemn others for the very actions they themselves end up taking. It's the height of hypocrisy, which drives voters to distraction.

As a side note to these guys who commit these acts: look at your wife you jackass. These guys that come to the microphone to give an apology often look unmoved sometimes indignant. However, their wives look like they're going through hell. I'm all for keeping personal lives out of the public arena, but there's a reality to what the media covers. If you're a public figure have enough class and self-restraint to not humiliate your wife in public. These wives often show loyalty by standing by their spouse, it's too bad their husbands couldn't return the favor.

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Independent Appeal of John McCain

Despite the rants of some conservative radio commentators, the appeal that Senator McCain has to Independents isn’t that ‘he’s a liberal’, it’s that he’s principled. He gets things done. One reason I think conservative radio has become so mad isn’t because they disagree with him on issues, it’s because he has repeatedly stated that he won’t bash or belittle his political opponents. This is conservative radio’s forte, and Senator McCain’s approach may be seen as a threat. However, to many Independents it’s music to our ears. There are plenty of people left, right, and center that are simply sick of the bickering. There’s plenty to discuss and debate with out lowering the level of discourse to that of a junior high argument. The other aspect that angers some conservatives is that he not only opposed them on certain positions, but he headed up the legislation for those contrary views. As an Independent I see this as a positive. He knows how to reach across the isle, and he’s a worker. He doesn’t just sit on his hands and say ‘well they don’t completely agree with me therefore I’ll do nothing’. Good Senators have to compromise otherwise there’s gridlock, and Senator McCain is a good Senator. There’s also an appeal to this because it shows that his loyalty to his beliefs and the American people takes precedence to party loyalty. Some party people may not like that, but that is sorely needed in politics right now.

Now the reason I think he’ll win the race in November is issues and content. First Iraq and foreign policy: he knows more about war and foreign policy issues than any other candidate by miles. He was right about Iraq and staked his career on his support of the surge when it was very unpopular to do so. He knows the political players around the world, he’s been there he’s talked to many of them, and he simply knows his stuff. The Democrats really can’t hold a candle to him in this area. Even though the supposition is that the Iraq War is unpopular therefore the Democrats win, if people come to this election with an open mind he wins those open-minded people in a landslide. Second, he has an excellent human rights record. He addressed the situation with the monks in Burma, the genocide in Darfur, protection of children from online predators, opposed torture, and whenever an issue of human rights comes up Senator McCain is there front and center. This is an area I hope the campaign plays up more, because conventional thinking may give Democrats the edge on human rights, but the conventional wisdom is wrong. Finally, there’s experience. (I’ll skip health care and taxes for the sake of brevity.) Senator McCain is simply far more qualified to be president. He’s applying for the hardest job on earth, and it’s not an entry-level position. Experience matters, and he’s the guy who has it. He’s one of the most qualified candidates that the country has seen in years, and I look forward to the debates.