Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ironic McCain Defends Clinton but Obama Doesn't Bother

Seems ironic that Senator McCain comes to Senator Clinton's defense and Senator Obama doesn't. The statements out of the Obama camp adds doubt to Senator Obama's claim that he's a uniter. Senator Obama's statement expressed disappointment at the divisive remarks, but what about rebutting the content of the statement? The Clinton's have been criticized for decades, but even the most strident Clinton-hater has never suggested that Senator Clinton is a white supremist. This is really nasty stuff. Candidates I'm sure realize that when they decide to run they'll be criticized, be the but of jokes, and even be attacked (possibly unjustly) for things they do or say. However, this statement is slander and it's odd that the media and the Obama campaign aren't treating it as such. Senator Clinton has done nothing to warrant claims of racism/white entitlement/white supremacy. What she is entitled to at minimum, is an appology beyond the 'it you were offended, I'm sorry' drivel that Pastor Pfleger put out. This is the type of politics people are sick of; the I can say anything about the opposition to gain votes strategy.

Pastor Pfleger's Rant

Senator McCain's Reaction...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bush Impersonator - Global Warming

Pack Away the Pundits

The one thing that this presidential race has shown is that the pundits are about as useful a magic eight ball in predicting the outcome of this race. Whether it was last years numerous predictions about exactly when Senator McCain would drop out of the race, and who he would support when he did; or the Clinton 'inevitablity' statements, at almost every turn the media has guessed wrong. However, in a race that is historic and fascinating pundits are still endlessly featured on every cable news network.

Here's a suggestion for the media, put away your crystal ball and do some reporting. There are plenty of issues that all three candidates address frequently that the media never bothers to discuss. Last week there was a back and forth between the Obama and McCain campaign about diplomacy, who a president talks to and under what circumstances. This was covered in the media as campaign bickering when in reality this is a serious issue that deserved more that superficial grade school level reporting.

If the press is looking for a new aspect of the race to cover report, how about the effect the internet is having on the race. This is a completely new and unknown element of politics. Does it help? Could it hurt? Will there be a backlash from Obama supporters over the top Clinton criticisms, or will this just get lost in cyberspace? Who reads political blogs? Who comments on political blogs? This is something completely new and the main steam media covers this like it does many topics; very lightly. It will be interesting to see as the internet continues to develop if the main stream media's lack of depth will limit its future.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

McCain on Earmarks on SNL

Good Luck Senator Kennedy

Best wishes to Senator Kennedy and his family at this difficult time. Friends and supporters should take heart that Senator Kennedy is a tough fighter, and will undoubtedly fight his illness with the same determination that has made him such an effective Senator.

Senator McCain shows his respect for Senator Kennedy and explains why he view’s him as ‘The Last Lion’ of the Senate.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Top Ten Ways to Tell the Press is in Love with Senator Obama

10. Newscaster crosses himself before speaking Senator Obama’s name
9. 5:2:1 Ratio of Obama:Clinton:McCain campaign representatives featured on nightly broadcasts.
8. News analysis concludes that only uneducated narrow-minded people don’t vote for Senator Obama
7. Station does expose on SNL bias after they joke about Senator Obama being coddled by the press.
6. Delegate count that is repeated every 15 minutes ends with the proclamation that Senator Obama’s nomination is a mathematical certainty.
5. Press now considers the Clintons Republicans
4. Commentator tears up whenever someone challenges Senator Obama’s experience level.
3. Newscast breaks into Clinton or McCain speech with Obama speech.
2. Commentator flies into a rage when Senator Clinton wins a primary
1. Shivers shoot up their leg when Senator Obama speaks.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

WaPo Hit Piece Refutiated

The Washington Post printed an article that definitively misrepresented Senator McCain's stance on Hamas stating that he had previously supported negotiating with Hamas without conditions. This is false, and there are numerous sources showing that a quote taken out of context was used to misrepresent his position.

Hot Air explains how it happened...

The context here is crystal clear. McCain envisioned a possible change in Hamas from a terrorist group to a legitimate political party, one that recognized Israel and renounced violence. Under those conditions, McCain said that we could engage them in talks designed to establish peace, and only under those conditions. The Bush administration had the same policy at the time. Neither the US nor John McCain supported meeting with Hamas without preconditions, and they certainly didn’t have policy advisers meeting with them while they conducted terrorist attacks and plotted an armed takeover of Gaza.

The following video is from the exact same day that he made the statements that were used to distort is actual position.

UPDATE: The McCain Campaign has released video from the actual interview with Jamie Rubin. It really shows what a shameless liar Rubin turned out to be,

-Matt DiBari

UPDATE II: To contact Washington Post editor Fred Hiatt and demand a retraction, email

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Friday, May 16, 2008

McCain on Bush, Obama, Iran and 2013

In yesterday’s blogger call Senator McCain was questioned about his speech outlining his goals for 2013, President Bush’s remarks about appeasement, and Senator Obama’s position on negotiating with Iran. Senator McCain discussed how he would embrace bipartisanship as he has done throughout his career. He talked of working on issues that both sides of the isle can come to an agreement on, and stated that he would most likely have Democrats in his cabinet. When questioned about President Bush’s remarks about appeasement, he said he took the President at his word that the comments weren’t about Senator Obama. He definitively stated his opposition to the president directly talking to Iran. He laid out what Iran would have to do before talks were even considered, such as renouncing their desire to ‘wipe Israel off the map’, stop their nuclear ambitions, abandon sending arms into Iraq, and stop supporting of Hezbollah. He was clearly disturbed by the idea of negotiating with someone who recently called Israel a “stinking corpse”, and questioned what could possibly be said that would result in anything positive. One questioner noted that Senator Obama’s campaign had made different statements about his willingness to talk with Iran than Senator Obama had and asked Senator McCain about these discrepancies. Senator McCain also noted that Senator Obama had stated in Ohio that he would unilaterally renegotiate the NAFTA and then stated he supported free trade in North Carolina, and was troubled by the inconsistencies and contradictions of Senator Obama and his campaign. Finally, Senator McCain was challenged on his speech’s prediction that their would be a significant reduction of troops in Iraq by 2013 being asked if that wasn’t a timeline for withdrawal which he has vehemently opposes. Senator McCain answered that troop levels would be dictated by conditions on the ground, and that the reduction of troops is a realistic goal but not the queue to the enemy as to when troops would leave that a timetable would be.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Launching McCain Independents

The Purple People Vote is launching a sister blog McCain Independents. This blog will focus specifically on the presidential race and Independent's support of John McCain. The Purple People Vote will continue entries about politics from an Independent's perspective and may share some articles with McCain Independents. However, McCain Independents focus will be different as it will work to rally the Independents and middle-of-the-roaders to support Senator McCain for President.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Democrat Demographics

An interesting aside to last nights primaries is how the vote is breaking down. Senator Obama wins the black vote, the youth vote, and weathy elite vote. Senator Clinton wins women and the middle working class and older voters. This provides a guide to who Senator McCain can target in the general election. Assuming Senator Obama is the Democratic candidate, Senator McCain can target groups that already held potential for him; the middle class, hispanics, women, seniors, and Catholics. Republicans should be encouraged that they picked a candidate that plays so well to these groups, as several other of the former Republican candidates would have had a harder time with some these niches.

With each Democratic primary the number of supporters that says they won’t vote for the other Democratic candidate in the general election increases. It’s a crazy election. Who would have thought a candidates former pastor would harm their friend (or former friend’s) chances of winning the election, but that is what Reverend Wright has done, he’s changed the demographics with the help of Senator Obama’s ‘bitter comments’. Many Republicans were chomping at the bit to run against Senator Clinton and worried about Senator Obama, but know the stats show a real window of opportunity for Senator McCain.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Link McCain Sites

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