Wednesday, February 13, 2008

McCain Blogger Call 2/13

Much of this blogger call revolved around the current state of the race. Should Huckabee get out? Who would Senator McCain choose as VP? How would he unite the party? The short answer is; he respects and likes Governor Huckabee it's up to him to decide whether he wants out; he hasn't started the selection process for VP yet; and he's working to unite the party. He mentioned that it takes some time after a primary as many people have worked passionately for their candidate, and can't be expected to immediately accept a different nominee. His CPAC speech and his increased support among self-identified conservatives was also noted.

One of the major topics of the call was the difference between Senator McCain and the Democrats on Iraq. He noted that there is a new bill that was recently passed in Baghdad that addresses some of the concerns about the budget and elections. He said how this illustrates that the Democrats were wrong about both the military and political aspects of the surge. The new bill shows political progress that many said was impossible. This also is similar to many of the statements by Democrats that military progress was impossible, showing them to be wrong on both fronts.

Another major topic was that of earmarks. Senator McCain reitterated his support of illiminating earmark spending and his dedication to vetoing any bill with earmarks attached. He mentioned that the Bridge to No Where has become more famous than the Brooklyn Bridge as it has become an icon of government waste.

Several callers congratulated him on recent primary wins one noting his incredible, and almost unbelievable, comeback. One blogger thanked Senator McCain for continuing to do blogger calls even after he had become the presumptive nominee. Senator McCain noted that bloggers were the only people willing to listen to him a few months ago, so he certainly wasn't going to bail on us now.


Stephen R. Maloney said...

The national media appears ready to continue giving Barack Obama, voted the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate by the non-partisan National Journal, a free pass. It's critical that the new media, which includes us, take a very hard look at Senator Obama, an extremely flawed candidate. I'm trying to do that, and I hope you will also.

Michael Barone's The Almanac of American Politics, 2008, p. 539, says the following of Obama as an Illinois State Senator: "He voted against providing medical care for fetuses who survived abortions." So much for his "universal health care."

For my own blogs, I'm doing rsearch on the relationship between George Soros and his political funding of -- and ideological influence on -- Barack Obama. A Hungarian who emigrated to American and made billions of dollars in finance and currency speculation, Soros, his family, and business asocicates have contributed huge sums to Barack Obama in his senatorial and presidential campaigns. (See the "Obama" financial sections on, especially the "top contributors" segment for 2006 and 2008.)

Soros is the financial "godfather" of, the nation's largest political hate group. He's also a fan of Hamas, the Palestine-centered terrorist group. On Feb. 1, 2008,, an organization that claims 3 million-plus left-leaning members, gave its first endorsement to a presidential candidate: Barack Obama. The vast amount of money that's recently poured into Obama's coffers apparently has come from Moveon-types. members and Soros have been pressuring Obama to take more extreme positions on the economy and the war on terrorism.

My columns on Soros, Moveon, and Obama will begin appearing on Sunday, February 17 at:

steve maloney
ambridge, pa

Andrew Jones said...

I loved the invitation I got to call in to one of the blogger calls. Have they gotten more exclusive in who is allowed on the calls or did I just upset someone important?