Monday, April 28, 2008

Democrat's Dream Ticket

Thursday, April 24, 2008

McCain Presence Expands Online

While the McCain online presence has lagged behind the Democrats, there has been a recent increase in supporter run pages. A key element of connecting and promoting the average McCain blogger or site owner has been the McCain Victory 08 Blog Roll. This lists many of the active pro-McCain sites on the web. Some of these sites are strictly dedicated to supporting Senator McCain for President, while others focus on other topics yet also are signed on as McCain supporters. For example this post was originally published at Broad Side of the Barn, a site with a broad focus yet often used to host McCain related pages like the McCain Traffic page. An affiliate of that site is Purple People Vote, a site for Independents and Moderates that is focused on the presidential race. Yet recently there has been the addition of sites like McCain Google Groups, which focuses on state based volunteering and resouces. A couple new and promising social network sites have emerged, McCain Now and John McCain 2008. These site include a variety of features such as individual blogs, and topic discussions. They add a new wrinkle to McCain SocNets; though MySpace and Facebook still have active McCain groups too. A couple of the major McCain contributor based blogs include Blogs 4 McCain and Blogs for McCain Victory. There is always a need to increase the reach of the McCain online presence. For those who would like to become bloggers, or would like blogging tips there is McCain Blogger Resources. It includes a simple how to article for McCain supporters to set up there own blog. As more sites go online an join the growing McCain blogger/online volunteer community the message and reach of the McCain campaign is given a better opportunity to grow. Bloggers, site owners, network managers all welcome newcomers and hope you will consider volunteering online and off.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day Statement

I'm relieved that all the presidential candidates plan on addressing environmental issues in their administration. Senator McCain statement on Earth Day...

"In 1970, our nation recognized the first Earth Day as millions of Americans affirmed their commitment to being good stewards of our environment. Today, Americans will join those from across the world in reaffirming that commitment. Whether it is clean air, safe and healthy water, conserving open space or sustainable land use, we are called upon to protect our natural treasures for our children, grandchildren and future generations.

"As President, I will ensure that we protect all of nature's blessings while recognizing that our environmental and economic interests are not mutually exclusive. In this, we must work together -- the government, environmental and conservation groups, business and the public -- in a manner that fulfills our responsibilities to the environment.

"On this Earth Day, we must also look ahead to the serious threats that confront our environment today. We must have the courage to realistically confront the specter of climate change. This is one of the greatest challenges confronting the next President. On this issue, I will act to safeguard our environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions to sustainable levels in a manner that spurs innovation of cleaner, more reliable energy sources.

"Let us commemorate Earth Day by committing to meet our obligation as creation's caretakers and ensure that our children and grandchildren do not have to face the challenges that we have failed to meet."

Monday, April 21, 2008

McCain Ad - Ignite

Illustrating what a lot of us Independents like about Senator McCain...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Capital Gains Tax

Not neccessarily the most exciting of topics, the Capital Gains Tax illustrates an important difference between Senator McCain and the Democrats. There is proof that a low capital gains tax helps spur growth in the economy across the different economic levels. Senator McCain’s plan states, “John McCain will keep the current rates on dividends and capital gains and fight anti-growth efforts by Democrats.” The trouble is that Senator Obama all but promised to raise capital gains taxes at the last debate. While many Americans may think since they aren’t heavily invested in stocks and bonds that this tax increase is not a big deal. Others may think that since people with these investments tend to be better off financially its only fair to increase these taxes. The problem with this type of thinking, particularly from a politician like Senator Obama, is that it is not sound economics. An increase in the capital gains tax will slow the economy, and in a time when the economy is already struggling this is a terrible idea. While it’s understandable that many may not see the connection between the capital gains tax and the overall economy, it’s the candidates job to know these issues and understand cause and effect of tax increases. Senator McCain has shown an understanding of how the economy works, while the Democrats have missed the boat.

Monday, April 14, 2008

An Independent's Argument

There are a couple issues where Senator McCain breaks with the traditional Republican party line that as an Independent I appreciate greatly. First, is protectiong the environment and addressing global warming. I'm still at a loss as to why this is a partisan issue, but it is an important issue. At a Romney town hall last summer gentleman stood up to explain that in NH many strongly Republican towns voted in favor environmental protections, and continued to explain that he was a good Republican and wanted a candidate that would address environmental issues. Senator McCain's cap and trade plan works both on an environmental level and on an economic level, by imposing regulations that are not burdensome while decreasing carbon emmissions each year.

His human rights record and definitive stand against torture is the second issue that I find compelling. I was very disappointed in the Republican party when Senator McCain was the only candidate to stand strongly against torture. He also has an impecable human rights record. He has a history of defending the oppressed whether in Darfur, Tibet, or elsewhere he consistenly voices his opposition to human cruelty.

The argument for Independents and Conservatives to vote for Senator McCain is two-fold. First his record is basically conservative, but he doesn't just follow the party line. Second, the Democrats are running on a far-left platform. For us middle-of-the-roaders, issue wise there is little moderation or compromise coming from the Democratic candidates. Senator McCain has worked across the isle numerous times, sometimes upsetting party loyalists. However, he gets things done and he sticks to his guns even when pressured not to.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Test of Sincerity for Conservatives

It's no mystery that conservative radio hosts and some conservative bloggers are not the biggest fans of Senator McCain. They don't like some of his positions, and they don't like that he's spearheaded legislation that is not in line with the conservative doctrine. Campaign finance reform, immigration reform, and cap and trade legislation have been not only areas of disagreement, but contentious issues as Senator McCain worked with Democrats to addresses these issues. That being said Senator McCain's record is conservative. He is a foreign policy expert/hawk, he has tenaciously fought against earmarks and wasteful spending, and has been rated as a solid conservative by third party organizations.

The test for conservatives, particularly 'professional conservatives' like talk radio hosts, is a test of sincerity. Do they believe what they say they believe, or are they simply champions of their own brand of politics? A genuine staunch conservative may not be happy that Senator McCain won the nomination, and likely doesn't agree on all issues, but would see that they get far more with a McCain presidency than they do with a Democrat presidency. The Democrat candidates have been running on a far left platform, and the difference between Senator McCain and his future competitor is dramatic. Those conservatives who would rather see a Democrat as president than Senator McCain are either being incredibly petty and resentful that their candidate lost, or their beliefs are insincere. The meltdown that some conservative talk show hosts have had suggests that the issues are irrelevant that their protests are based on power. Compromise and bipartisanship is kryptonite to poltical extremists, and this threat posed by Senator McCain is being met with epic temper tantrums.

Obviously everyone wants their candidate to win the primaries followed by the general election. Disappointment is understandable, particularly for those actively involved with a campaign. However, for some in talk radio who never really supported a candidate fully this rings hollow. For other conservatives the question becomes who fits your beliefs better, and are those beliefs worth fighting for.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Bill and Hillary Live From NY It's Saturday Night

Golden Rule Politics

As an Independent and someone who never felt the need for others think the way I do politically, there are several reasons I've been able to become such a die-hard McCain supporter. While some of those reasons are issue and experience related, one element that has aided this non-conformist in espousing my political opinion is that Senator McCain has been running a very decent and honest campaign. In his NH town hall meetings he would often say how he respects those who disagree with him voters and political opponents alike, and that he won’t attack anyone’s character. This sort of 'treat others as you wish to be treated' element of his campaign is refreshing, and could also be politically useful.

I have a sister who a confirmed Democrat and ardent Hillary supporter. When she found out that I was a McCain supporter last fall she was not amused and went up one side of me and down the other for supporting a Republican, ending her rant by saying that I could come work on the Clinton campaign when Senator McCain dropped out. As political fortunes changed, I bit my tongue and behaved gratuitously in spite of my desire to act like a 12 year old. In the mean time several Obama supporters have treated her rather rudely, and she's actually considering voting for McCain in the Fall if Senator Clinton doesn't win the nomination. While my guess is that she is very unlikely to vote Republican, there is a lesson in treating people (including the opposition) kindly. It's a refreshing tact that Senator McCain has taken in promising a civil and above board contest, and hopefully his good behavior will be rewarded.