Monday, October 25, 2010

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Friday, October 22, 2010

NPR's Move to Fire Juan Williams Backfires

From Purple People Vote - This Week in Stupid News - The NPR Edition

National Public Radio fired Juan Williams for comments he made on Bill O'Reilly's show last night. Below is the video of the full interview.

I flew on a flight from New York to Boston a year or so after 9/11. The flight attendant asked a fellow on the flight where he was from, and he replied "Beruit." In that second, every person's head on that flight snapped around to take look at this man. He was an older man who appeared harmless, and after the passangers checked him out they all went back to what they were doing previously. We weren't a plane full of bigots. We were a plane full of wary travellers. Security personel were carrying machine guns; it took an hour or more to get through security; our government had told travelers and citizens alike to be 'vigilant' against terrorism. Passengers heard 'Beruit' and wanted to know if there was a potential risk.

It's unfortunate that numerous people of Muslim faith or background who have done nothing wrong are under increased scrutiny. However, there is a real reason they under the microscope. Terrorists have cited their Muslim faith as a reason for their violent actions. Juan Williams isn't randomly nervous around Muslims, or upset at the Muslim faith, he's nervous around Muslims identifying themselves as Muslims as they get on board a plane. This may not be a 'politically correct' feeling, but it is a completely understandable one. In the full interview there is this discussion about moderate Islam versus radical Islam, and all three participants agree that there are far more moderates than radicals.

NPR firing someone over the expression of a completely understandable feeling is absurd. In stroke of instant Karma they've actually ignited a movement to federally defund NPR. It's hard to argue against that movement since NPR has just shown that our federal dollars are going to an organization that is acting like 'thought police' towards its commentators.

This Week in Stupid News - The NPR Edition

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stupid News Update

Excerpt from This Week In Stupid News – Breaking News or Broken News

"he Chillean Miner story was certainly the feel good story of the year. Cable news was given the gift of a watchable, interesting, and upbeat 24 hour news day. Then all three cable news networks graphics’ departments seemed to lose their mind, as they filled the television screen with graphic clutter announcing every minute element of this story. CNN posted the breaking news alert near the bottom of their pages, ‘Families await miners’ rescue.’ Really that’s breaking news? The families have been waiting for months.

Fox News ran two scrolls across their screen at once helping make their viewers cross-eyed. One scroll bringing such useful info to people such as, ‘capsule brings miners up from mine.’ I suppose if you’re somehow impaired that might be mildly helpful, as possibly someone would have thought the capsule was going to be set off like a rocket as part of Chile’s bicentennial celebration? MSNBC had the title of their show in the corner of their screen even after the show was no longer airing, and split the screen in two to show two different views. Unfortunately, they often showed the same view in those two separate panels.

Now, it must be challenging writing a myriad of informative short headlines for an event that is unfolding on live television, so here’s a tip – Stop Writing Them.

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