Monday, February 25, 2008

Why Become a Politician?

After the NYT article ran last week a question popped into my mind as it has done several times before; 'Why would anyone in his or her right mind become a politician?' There's been such a degradation in political discourse and journalistic standards that good people may start turning away from politics simply because they don't want to subject themselves to all the nastiness and cheap shots. The two candidates that often appear to take the brunt of this low-ball politics are Senator Clinton and Senator McCain.

This month Senator McCain has taken it from both sides. The NYT spreads rumors about him; right wing radio pitches a fit about his nomination. Both sources were so wrong and low-ball in their attacks that people are coming to his defense even when they are not on his side politically.

As for Senator Clinton, she seems to be a constant target for juvenile remarks. I don't know any public figure that takes as much flak for petty things like dress, appearance, or tone of voice. I can't imagine anyone has berated Senator McCain for a poor choice of tie like they do to Senator Clinton if they don't like her outfit. Two of the main problems with type of politics are one; we're forgetting that these people are human beings. There is a certain level of decency that all people should be afforded, even politicians. Two, as stated up front, this could easily dissuade good people from getting involved in politics, then the country looses out. I'm all for challenging politicians on issues, and questioning their actions. I'd just like to see it done with more fairness and maturity.


Stephen R. Maloney said...

Very good articles on the Times' smear story on McCain.

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