Sunday, July 27, 2008

Whose Looking Out for Small Town America?

There has been criticism of Senator McCain's campaign making stops in small towns in Pennsylvania and Ohio this week, while Senator Obama tours the world with a throng of media. Obviously the images for Senator Obama are much grander; adulating crowds, foreign leaders hugging the Senator, and the media swooning the site of Senator Obama in Ray-Bans and a flak jacket. Yet what is troubling is that the media isn't just mocking Senator McCain for his stops in local restaurants and grocery stores, that's part of the deal when running for office; but they're talking down about 'regular America'.

The importance of the American voter is being ignored. America is close to being a 50/50 mix of big cities and small towns, and the only way you find out about what people are concerned about in these towns is to go there and talk to them. Granted most small towns are not flashy, their citizens often don't scream or swoon at the sight of a famous politician. However, if asked you will find out how the economy is effecting their lives. You will find out if their job have gone overseas, or if high gas prices are threatening their way of life. Maybe the imagery of the McCain campaign could be improved, maybe he's just not going to be the rock star media darling candidate, but it seems like he should receive some credit for doing the work, and meeting small town America.

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