Sunday, July 13, 2008

Obama Immigration

To folow up on the article Obama Unjustly Takes Credit for Immigration Reform by Minimizing McCain Senator Mel Martinez in a report by Fox News has also pointed out that Obama is now championing legislation that he actually helped kill.

McCain, who worked on comprehensive reform efforts in the run-up to his presidential bid, is pushing back hard against Obama, who described himself this week as a “champion” of such immigration legislation.

“The crux of the issue is, when the chips were down, when we were desperate to round up votes, Obama was killing comprehensive immigration by offering up a poison pill (of controversial amendments),” said Florida Sen. Mel Martinez in a McCain conference call. “Now he takes credit for the immigration effort. … He was AWOL. … Nothing could be further from the truth.”


Anonymous said...

This is Obamaliar's style. Take credit where none is due. And if they dislike you or disagree, throw them under the bus. He's already claimed he didn't remember meeting Nadhmi Auchi, a known terrorist supporter, who helped raised $10.5M for him. I know I'd remember someone who raised that much money for me. He is friends with Code Pink leader Jodie Evans, accepts money from her...from the same funds that help Fallujah. Also friends with Ayers, Rezko and Wright, and Obama and his racist wife Michelle gave $26,000 last year and sat in that foul, racist Trinity Church for over 20 years. NEVER OBAMA! Voting Smart = Voting McCain '08.

Anonymous said...
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