Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Obama Ads Misleading and Dishonest

The National Review Online has called Senator Obama on padding his resume in recent television commercials. One misleading statement regards credit taken for wounded troop legislation that he never voted on.

"About 46 seconds into the ad, we are told that Obama “passed laws” that “extended healthcare for wounded troops who’d been neglected,”
Public Law 110-181 was the 2008 defense authorization bill. It passed the Senate by 91 to 3 in January, with six Senators not voting. Among those six absentees was Barack Obama."
The second misleading statement refers to welfare legislation that he was less than enthusiastic about supporting. The primary problem with his ad claim is that he takes full credit for a legislation that he didn't even want.
"Obama was one of the co-sponsors of the act, but in the debate surrounding it he actually said the state was basically forced into it by a federal law he would have opposed (“I probably would not have supported the federal legislation, because I think it has some problems. But I'm a strong believer in making lemonade out of lemons.”) But the ad makes it sound like it was Obama’s idea, and then says that he “slashed the rolls by 80 percent,” thus taking credit for the declining welfare rolls achieved by the federal law Obama would have opposed"


Bill Baker said...

What do you expect him to do? He has done nothing and has to do something. The people that are for him have no idea.

misanthropicus said...

Warm air, warm air, warm air, warm air, warm air - with his record, he sure can get a job at Michelin as a tires-ghost inflator.