Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Trust Candidate V The Change Candidate

David Jamaal at, a site for Clinton supporters who are not supporting Obama, makes an excellent point about candidate authenticity. Obama’s monicker of change has weakened as he has shown the willingness to flip his positions on issues such as public financing, gun control, and free trade for political expediency. Conversely, Senator McCain has a history of putting his country and his word before politics, therefor making him the quintessential trust candidate.

"Mr. Obama’s disappointing and persistent inconsistency has destroyed both his own brand and the notion that this is a “change” election. Change is a stale narrative and in Obama’s case, a false one.

This election will turn on trust.

Is there a third party candidate you trust to win and to serve competently?

Do you trust Sen. McCain, who puts country before Party, who has shown bravery in risking bold bipartisan positions , and who is quickly making energy independence central to his campaign while Mr. Obama offers nothing but ‘no’ to every new idea?"


Anonymous said...

Actually...McCain has flip flopped on just about every issue, if you look. The press is just going crazy over a few things Obama has changed his mind about, when McCain's flip flopping vastly outweighs Obama's.

kmorrison said...

Senator McCain has a very consistent 25 year record. Senator Obama's brief record is full of inconsistencies including his recent reversal on public funding (which he signed an oath to do one thing and then did another). The media is in love Senator Obama and if they could find a way to spin his flip flops as honesty I'm sure they would.

Serena said...

Sorry bluelinchpin - another bogus Obama whopper!

Senator McCain's changes in policy are predicated on listening to what "we, the people" (remember us?) want. He is not afraid to reconsider his opinion based on new facts presented, such as changes to the economy and rising oil prices.

On the flip side, Senator Obama's changes are just waffles for political expediency. For instance:

--One day the DC handgun ban is constitutional and the next day he agrees with the Supremem Court knocking it down.

--One day Jersualem should remain divided and literally the next day he backpedals after outrage from the Muslim-led countries.

--He campaigns at many places pledging his faith in the Public Campaign Financing System. When he sees he can raise more money privately, he abandons those principles.

--He assures his supporters that he will lead a filibuster against any FISA bill that includes immunity for telecoms. Then, he says he'll fix that problem when he becomes Pres. (a little presumptuous, huh? since he's not even the official party nominee yet? Not to mention that Bush will just give a full blanket pardon to the telecoms before leaving office anyway. :))

Senator Obama has no character - no backbone - no underlying truth to his promises.

BHO must not be our President ever.

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

The headline might better be: "The Trust Candidate V the Ever-Changing-Position Candidate."

You wonder: How many Dems, especially those who are still counted among the Obama devotees, and the liberal/Democrat/Obama news shills have that sinking feeling that they've bred and backed the worst possible candidate they could've this election cycle, or maybe since Jimmy Carter or Walter Mondale?

You know that many of them have got to be looking for an exit, at the earliest opportunity.

Anonymous said...

bluelinchpin said...
"Actually...McCain has flip flopped on just about every issue, if you look. The press is just going crazy over a few things Obama has changed his mind about, when McCain's flip flopping vastly outweighs Obama's."

Few ???

Obama all CHANGE all the time:

CHANGE ... what you'll have left after I raise taxes.
CHANGE ... your gas prices upwards, but gradually
CHANGE ... my hat size because every day my head gets bigger
CHANGE ... the national motto to: In Obama We Trust.
CHANGE ... what I do to my story depending upon whom I'm talking to.
CHANGE ... what I do every day to my foreign policy
CHANGE ... what I do to my trade policy depending upon whom I'm talking to
CHANGE ... your lifestyle because the rest of the world doesn't like you
CHANGE ... my friends when they turn out NOT to be "The person I knew"
CHANGE ... what my radical left-wing ideologue handlers have in store for you
CHANGE ... what I do to facts to suit my needs.
CHANGE ... my previous position in favor of gun control was 'inartful language'
CHANGE ... my pastor's screed is OK, yours isn't
CHANGE ... FISA line that we crossed but I have now moved back
CHANGE ... from public to private campaign financing because I can raise more money
CHANGE ... I'll debate John McCain anytime, anywhere; except when and where he asks me.
CHANGE ... the words of others and claim they're mine, because words count.
CHANGE ... the meaning of Bible verses to meet my own liberal world view
CHANGE ... more of you into victims of something and build government programs to take care of you
CHANGE ... you into a ward of the state so that I OWN you and your vote
CHANGE ... your mind and believe in me for I am the Obamessiah come to save you
CHANGE ... into giggling sycophants; liberal mainstream media do under the spell of the Obamessiah
CHANGE ... the chant I use to control the weak-minded Obamanized masses
CHANGE ... into an Obamatron; join the cult, repeat the chant: CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE ...
CHANGE ... what I plan to do to America because it's the greatest country on the planet.
CHANGE ... the national anthems of all the nations of the world to Kumbaya using my messianic foreign policy skills
CHANGE ... into mumble-mouthed idiot when I don't have prepared speech to read.
CHANGE ... historical facts to agree with my life story
CHANGE ... I said the DC gun ban was constitutional, but now I agree with Supreme Court ruling it unconstitutional.
CHANGE ... what I said because my rhetoric was overheated and amplified
CHANGE ... I mocked Hillary during the primary, now she “rocks”.
CHANGE ... I respect McCain's service to his nation, so I sent Wesley “looser” Clark out to demean him
CHANGE ... but not for us, not the left-wing liberal elite, CHANGE is for YOU.
CHANGE ... anything and everything I've said or done in my life if it will help me win
CHANGE ... the definition of change to: What I say, when I say it, to whom I say it.
CHANGE ... I can CHANGE when it suits me
CHANGE ... you can believe in for a day or two
CHANGE ... you can't keep up with

CHANGE ... your underwear because you'll defecate in your pants when you wake up to find out what the left-wing liberal ideologues have done after gaining complete control of government.

CHANGE ... YOU better freaking BELIEVE IN because it will WORK YOU over.
Obama: the AUDACITY to count on you and I being DOPEs

Mark In Irvine said...

You want to see "flip-flop"? Take a look at my May 30, 2008 post at called "McCain was for it at the same time he was against it!" on my fun little site.

kmorrison said...

Mark, what is clear is that it takes highly editted clips strung together to try to pin McCain as a some one who flips positions. For instance, the Bush tax cuts he was against because he thought they should be accompanied by spending controls and he has plans for his own set of tax cuts at the time. However, no that they have been in place for almost eight years he recognizes that repealing that essentially acts as a tax increase, and tax increases are particularly harmful in slow economy. His economic quote was him simply stating that he has more experience in foreign policy than economic policy, maybe it wasn't well put but it's not change of position.