Monday, June 30, 2008

Equal Pay for Women Promised by Obama Practiced by McCain

Criticism of Senator Obama's Unrealistic Promise of Equal Pay has taken on a new irony in that CSN News Network has reported that McCain and Clinton pay their female staff better that Senator Obama. To further the irony, Senator McCain actually pays the women on his staff better than the men, while Senator Clinton pays men and women the same. Both McCain and Clinton hired more female staffers than male staffers; not Obama he has more men on staff than women and they are paid less than the men. According to the AP Senator Obama stated, "I'll continue to stand up for equal pay as president — Senator McCain won't, and that's a real difference in this election." There you have it; the difference in this campaign is rhetoric versus action.

"Non-intern female employees did better working on the Senate staffs of John McCain and Hillary Clinton during the latest public reporting period than they did working for Barack Obama, Cybercast News Service determined through an analysis of payroll data published by the Secretary of the Senate.

Both McCain and Clinton also employed more female than male staffers, while Obama employed more males than females. However, Obama's staff was more balanced between male and female staffers than either McCain's or Clinton's.

Also, McCain and Clinton had more female than male staffers making six-figure salaries, while Obama had more male than female staffers making six-figure salaries.

The data were taken from the Report of the Secretary of the Senate, which covered the six-month period ending Sept. 30, 2007.

Only in the office of McCain, an Arizona Republican and his party's presumptive presidential nominee, was the average salary for women higher than for men."

Hat Tip to Wake Up America for first reporting on this.


Anonymous said...

Could the MSM please start reporting on these facts! I am so tired of hearing the truth at these off the wall locations that I have to search for. Why aren't the networks doing their jobs? This IS issue related and newsworthy... WE THE PEOPLE deserve to hear the truth!!!

kbTexan said...

It has always been this way. GWB appointed more (and better quality) minorities to top posts than Clinton did.

Susan Duclos said...

Thanks for the hat tip and spreading the story around. I too am amazed that the MSM choose to ignore these things.

Anonymous said...

Don't expect the mass media to report on this. They support Obama.