Monday, January 28, 2008

McCain Blogger Call

The first order of business with the blogger call was for Senator McCain to clear up questions that had popped up today about his support for Justice Alito. Senator McCain stated that, as he has said many times before, he strongly supported Justice Alito and would appoint judges in the future in the model of Justice Alito and Justice Roberts. He addressed the importance of the Florida primary and the endorsements he received from Governor Crist and Senator Martinez. He was questioned about the tone of the race in the last couple days and mentioned that he would be happy for people to judge his and Governor Romney’s record side by side, and said that he was aware of some of the robo-calls and negative attacks against him. He was very excited that President Bush is addressing fighting back earmarks in his State of the Union speech tonight. Also he addressed his ability to unite the party and draw in support from Independents and Moderates in the general election. The call was cut off abruptly, but it was an upbeat informative call.


john marzan said...

why was the conference call cut off abruptly?

Liberty for America said...

The United States was created for the purpose of securing the liberties of its people. The colonists fled oppressive old world governments. The nation’s founders drafted the Constitution to sharply limit the federal government’s powers. The horrors perpetrated by the many collectivist tyrannies of the 20th Century demonstrate that the danger of government, any government, violating individual liberty is greater today than when America was founded.