Friday, May 9, 2008

Democrat Demographics

An interesting aside to last nights primaries is how the vote is breaking down. Senator Obama wins the black vote, the youth vote, and weathy elite vote. Senator Clinton wins women and the middle working class and older voters. This provides a guide to who Senator McCain can target in the general election. Assuming Senator Obama is the Democratic candidate, Senator McCain can target groups that already held potential for him; the middle class, hispanics, women, seniors, and Catholics. Republicans should be encouraged that they picked a candidate that plays so well to these groups, as several other of the former Republican candidates would have had a harder time with some these niches.

With each Democratic primary the number of supporters that says they won’t vote for the other Democratic candidate in the general election increases. It’s a crazy election. Who would have thought a candidates former pastor would harm their friend (or former friend’s) chances of winning the election, but that is what Reverend Wright has done, he’s changed the demographics with the help of Senator Obama’s ‘bitter comments’. Many Republicans were chomping at the bit to run against Senator Clinton and worried about Senator Obama, but know the stats show a real window of opportunity for Senator McCain.

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