Monday, April 7, 2008

Golden Rule Politics

As an Independent and someone who never felt the need for others think the way I do politically, there are several reasons I've been able to become such a die-hard McCain supporter. While some of those reasons are issue and experience related, one element that has aided this non-conformist in espousing my political opinion is that Senator McCain has been running a very decent and honest campaign. In his NH town hall meetings he would often say how he respects those who disagree with him voters and political opponents alike, and that he won’t attack anyone’s character. This sort of 'treat others as you wish to be treated' element of his campaign is refreshing, and could also be politically useful.

I have a sister who a confirmed Democrat and ardent Hillary supporter. When she found out that I was a McCain supporter last fall she was not amused and went up one side of me and down the other for supporting a Republican, ending her rant by saying that I could come work on the Clinton campaign when Senator McCain dropped out. As political fortunes changed, I bit my tongue and behaved gratuitously in spite of my desire to act like a 12 year old. In the mean time several Obama supporters have treated her rather rudely, and she's actually considering voting for McCain in the Fall if Senator Clinton doesn't win the nomination. While my guess is that she is very unlikely to vote Republican, there is a lesson in treating people (including the opposition) kindly. It's a refreshing tact that Senator McCain has taken in promising a civil and above board contest, and hopefully his good behavior will be rewarded.

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