Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Complaints from and Independent

I don’t consider myself a complainer, but I have a laundry list of political complaints. These are the basis for declaring myself an Independent, and this seems like the place to vent. So in no particular order here are 10 complaints/tips to politicians…

1. Just because I think a Republican is wrong doesn’t mean I think a Democrat is right, and vice versa. Often there are more than two ways to look at an issue.

2. If you are going to legislate morality don’t get caught with a prostitute or a teenager.

3. Stop yelling (pundits). Volume has no correlation to correctness.

4. If you’re wrong just say so. Everybody’s wrong from time to time, and if you’re thinking ‘not me’ then please don’t get into politics.

5. Please have a reason for seeking power beyond wanting to become powerful.

6. Don’t act like an idiot in a pathetic attempt to retain power. The recurrent theme in Washington seems to be, party takes power, party does something stupid and sleazy to retain power, party gets caught, party gets voted out.

7. Don’t gloat. It’s petty and rude, and remember you’re supposed to be a grown-up.

8. Have a mind of your own. In the real world people are admired for being independent thinkers, only in Washington are the blind followers honored.

9. Your party is not going to be permanently in power so have some perspective, and read a history book.

10. Kill the conspiracy theories.

   a. Any conspiracy that consists of an entire government agency keeping their mouth shut should automatically be thrown out.
   b. Just because you lost doesn’t mean the other side conspired against you.
   c. If science and evidence starkly contradict your conspiracy theory then don’t lose your nut when people think you’re wrong.

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