Monday, April 16, 2012

Political Football

The Women's Vote Vs. The Men's Vote - Game On pokes fun at what issues are 'supposed' to be 'men's issues' or 'women's issues.'

The most commonly claimed women’s issue – reproductive health. Fine, we are the ones to get pregnant, so that one goes in our column.

Following that logic, I declare ‘beer and guns’ a men’s issue. Now I like beer, but the numbers are what they are, beer and guns go to the men.

Consequently, the environment goes to the ladies. You ever tried to get a dude with a rifle to drive a Prius? Good luck – we’re taking the environment.

So since the guys have the guns, the military goes to the men – that’s only fair.

However, that also means foreign relations goes to the women. Don’t want the cowboy with the beer and the weaponry trying to talk to the ambassadors of Israel and Saudia Arabia about ‘Peace in the Middle East.’

The economy is more challenging. Concerns about gas prices will have to go to the men since they’re driving the hummers, and the women are driving the hybrids. Jobs are tricky, the women are at home barefoot and pregnant, so they may not need the job. However, are you going to hire the guy who pulls up to work in his Hummer with a 40 in one hand and a rocket launcher in the other? I’m thinking the women are more employable, so that means men are more concerned about the lack of jobs, and the women are more concerned about favorable economic conditions for businesses. Hence cost of gasoline and unemployment concerns go to the men. Deregulation and lower taxes go to the women.

That’s fair, right? Just following the numbers and the facts to their logical conclusion.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Facebook Lists with Nasdaq

Nasdaq has further cemented it role as the tech stock listing with it winning Facebook's much anticipated entry to the stock market.

"Winning Google further emboldened Nasdaq's reputation as being the exchange of choice for the technology companies," said Jay Frankl, senior managing director, FTI consulting.

"The Facebook listing I've seen as being similar to the Google listing, which had a similar competition between the exchanges, and a similar win for Nasdaq and a tremendously successful IPO for both," Frankl said.

Companies pay annual fees to list their stock and exchanges also garner listings-related income from the sale of market data and ancillary services offered to their listed companies

Last year, listings and issuer services brought in about $372 million for Nasdaq OMX, accounting for about 22% of revenue.

Facebook will list shares on Nasdaq

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